You finaly found out that those holes are not for talking.

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Well folks, I’m not really sure what’s going on but I guess I won’t complain. Over the past week, the traffic to my tumblr has gone absolutely nuts. Admittedly, I run a blog for a pretty small niche market here, so 200+ hits a day is definitely not normal for me. At first, I was worried that someone on Reddit or similar was sharing my posts around and everyone was having a laugh over my kinks, but it seems the majority of the traffic is also from Tumblr….and I guess people could also be laughing at my posts, but then there would be some evidence through mocking comments or similar. Anyway, I’m heading out for the weekend, so I just won’t worry about it.

Maybe I’ve shared this picture before, but maybe I haven’t. I’m wearing my polo shirt from Latex101, with gauntlets made by twohandstochoke, and I’m playing the super scary dom role in this photo with twohands. He’s wearing the microbreathe hood from KinkEngineering and a catsuit from Libidex (probably). This visit took place…two years ago I think! It’s always fun to hang out with him though.

I find that when posing for photos like this, it’s helpful to both mentally and physically prepare and pretend. For example, I think in my mind and trick myself into thinking that I’m actually doing something (i.e. choke twohands with lead), and then I physically prepare to do it and tense my muscles as if I’m going ahead with the action. Haha, look at my giving acting/modeling advice. Don’t listen to me :)  Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend.

What are your strategies for taking a good photo? What kind of scenes/scenarios would be cool for future photoshoots? Alternately, what do you think is the reason with my spiking visitor counts?


Staring in desolation, knowing removal is not for another three months…

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Complete mobilization. Well, almost complete…


Complete mobilization. Well, almost complete…

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