Wrist (Ankle, Waist, Thigh, etc.) Catch

This is a very good knot to use if you expect your partner to struggle. This knot stands out from others because it will not tighten down if pulled on and is a very important safety feature.

Step 1 - Start with the midpoint of a length of rope and position it as shown.

Step 2 - Pull the double cords through the loop.

Step 3 - Wrap those cords around the wrist and.

Step 4 - Pull the double cords through the new loop you just formed. You have now very quickly placed 4 cords around the wrist.

Step 5 - Grab the free ends of the rope and pull them completely through the loop you made in step 4.   (This is the lock.)

Step 6 - Pull those cords all the way through. And tighten the knot.

Step 7 - This is what the knot looks like under tension.

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Reblogging for the-kinky-bf, who couldn’t find this tutorial last week. (But still did a great job tying me down. ^^)

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This is Zerotsm (me) getting whipped.   I didn’t think this video would fit on Tumblr, but someone managed.  Enjoy!

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I’m usually not much into cock pictures, but this one is exceptional, as both the cock and balls are severely bound.

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You’re going to stand there boy until you impale yourself. So get going

I cannot begin to count how many times I have had this done to me.

this looks like great fun..

Feeding the Fire of our Desire!

- Phoenix

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Kinky stories

Notti pics

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The aftermath of pumping and fucking it a bit more.


IT will be chained full time, dispassionately whip-trained, used and abused on a whim, endure forced hard physical labor and left chained at night for use or as urinal… IT will have no choice in how IT is to be used by future owner.

IT’s SOLE PURPOSE IS TO EXIST FOR IT’s MASTER who will enjoy the benefits of owning and using an Object that can be abused, tortured and fucked without ever having to be concerned for the Object’s urges of IT’s own cock or the unconditional nature of IT’s captivity and service.

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One position in which I like to keep My boi busy for some time. Hanged by its arms to the ceiling untill its feet barely touch the ground. Put some nipple clamps. And a big weight to its slaveballs. I love to put the boi in this position while shopping for example. It’s nice to know that while I am having a good time shopping My boi is tightly secured at home, suffering and sweating untill I feel like coming home and releasing it.

Master Walter


After the 50 strokes across the ass, Zerotsm was bound to a post with a gag attached, so he could not move his head nor say much.  Hearing protectors were put on and Zerotsm was left there for two hours.  He was whipped without warning during that time.  Imagine, being blindfolded and not being able to hear or know when the next stroke was going to land.




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